A living and breathing resource for teachers from a Mom who cares

As a D&I consultant and practitioner, I have had countless conversations over the years helping people think about how to talk to adults about combating racism and how to operationalize a commitment to DEI at an institutional level.

As a mom to two young kiddos who are now of preschool…

Spoiler Alert: The VMA’s

During my entrepreneurship journey, many people asked about how I decided to quit my full-time job after getting two degrees, racking up some sizeable student loans, and landing a secure job with awesome benefits and perks. I’ve gotten all kinds of questions; Why did you do it? When did you…

Growing up everyone called me a now cringe-worthy term, tomboy. I played with G.I. Joes, hated dolls and dresses, loved sports, and never really wore much makeup. In grade school I spent many a lunch hour playing off-the-wall and milk crate (basket)ball with the guys. Like most people, my circle…

Cecilia Ramirez

— Writer | Speaker | Activist | Mom — My life has been a rollercoaster ride. I write about what I’ve seen and learned in hopes of helping others.

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